• TULLAMORE PARK strives to continue excellence quality genetics for growth, confirmation structure to yield extra profit.At Donald we believe we are producing rams that will produce fast growth   rate in prime lambs for early lamb turnoff.  Clients enjoy the extra yield that Tullamore Park Texel’s give, both over the hooks and in the sale yard.
    Approximately 200 stud ewes are joined for July / August lambing achieving high twinning rates.
    Ewes are pregnancy scanned and managed as twins or singles
    Ewes are scored to maintain excellent health during pregnancy.
    Our rams are Brucellosis accredited free ACC NO: 2214
    Footrot Free
    Animals are DNA tested for Myomax Double Muscle Gene.
    Animals are OJD Vaccinated since 2010.
  • LAMBPLAN Performance recording
    Tullamore Park continues to select genetics with the aid of Lamb plan to meet the prime lamb market for lean in fat and high in meat yield.
  • SHOW PERFORMANCE: gives Tullamore Park the opportunity to showcase our current animals and to benchmark them against other Texel’s as well as the best of other breeds in interbreed champions.
  • The Stud sheep are very resilient to climate variation with extreme conditions from long periods of drought to floods. Our animals are producing Champion Rams and Ewes at major shows, providing Rams & Ewes for our local prime lamb producers and exporting Semen, Rams & Ewes to countries around the world.