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After 30 years Pete and Liz Russell have decided to hang up the boots in breeding Texel’s. Offering their entire flock of thirty years of approximately 232 breeding ewes for Dispersal, plus 60 Texel/ Australian White Cross Ewe lambs

FLOCK DISPERSAL SALE – Friday, February 3rd 2023

ONLINE ONLY via AuctionsPlus at 12pm

Inspection from 9.00am Sale Day – Donald, VIC
(Prior inspections by appointment only)

Online Sale commencing at 12pm, viewing & online bidding assistance available on property
(Helmsman style auction, registration required)

Link to AuctionsPlus


Tullamore Park Texel Ewe Dispersal Catalogue 

OFFERING: 30 years of Quality Genetics, with Lambplan data

215 Lots |Texel Stud Ewes & Lambs 2015-2022 drops
56 2022 Jul/Aug Drop Texel /Aussie White X Ewe Lambs
2022 Texel Flock and Stud Rams available September 2023

Flock is Brucellosis Accredited (Acc 2214)

Lambplan Recorded.
Nth West Biosecurity Region.

Tullamore Park has played a key role beginning thirty years ago in establishing the Texel breed in Australia, with the purchase of 168 embryos from Lamb XL New Zealand and all six genetic family lines represented.
Since arrival in Australia Tullamore Park have been a part of growing the Texel breed that could deliver a genetic gene pool with a carcass having the yield with tasting eating qualities that melt in your mouth, not to forget the dual purpose of the ewe.
Increasingly over 30 years we have seen how the Texel breed have assisted other breeds especially with infusion into Maternal Dams that has created a dual-purpose composite ewe. The attribute of Texel has added strong maternal traits coupled with fertility, placid temperament with the ability to finish twins and triplets. They have the ability flourish, forage and survive our varying harsh seasonal conditions in the Southern Mallee.
The unique double muscle myostatin gene of the Texel is part of their genetic gain in the industry. Our clients over the years have been buying our sires to produce high yielding lamb carcasses.

The Russell’s have continued to refine the breed with partaking in Sheep Genetics and the MLA Satellite flock and Resource trials, which have aided our Texel’s to improve with genetic gain.
We have been particular on selecting structural correctness, feet and legs for the distance our animals have to travel for water and feed, smooth shoulders for lamb ease. We have been selecting for our animals not to get too big but maintaining all those great qualities of a Texel.

Over the years we have been humble in winning numerous championships including three supreme interbreed sashes at major shows and recently attending 2022 Melbourne Royal taking out Champion Ram and Reserve in the Stock Scan Performance Class. The Geelong Royal Champion Ewe 210008 winning Supreme Texel, including some of the top Texel genetics in Australian will be available at our dispersal Sale in February 3rd, 2023.

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